Rules & Terms

Rainbow Families DC (“Rainbow Families”) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Media Release

By engaging with Rainbow Families, you allow Rainbow Families to use or release, without compensation to you, any photograph, video, voice recording, or other media representations of you and/or your child(ren) taken at Rainbow Families events or programs (or have submitted to us, or posted/tagged on social media) in its publications, press coverage, promotional materials, and/or website. Please note that Rainbow Families will not identify you or your child(ren) by name without your express consent.  If you wish to opt-out of this media release, you must notify Rainbow Families in writing, by email or USPS.   When you receive confirmation by return email, your opt-out request has become effective as of the date/time of that reply.

Liability Waiver & Hold Harmless Agreement

Please read this carefully.  By participating/engaging in any Rainbow Families DC (“Rainbow Families”)  related event or program (herein referred to as “program”)  and/or by including your minor child(ren)/wards for participation in any such program, you waive your rights and/or the rights of your minor child(ren)/wards to all claims for injuries, damages or other losses you, or your minor child(ren)/wards, might sustain arising out of such involvement.  Further, you automatically indemnify, hold harmless and defend Rainbow Families and/or its staff, board, representatives, officers, volunteers, sponsors for any claims of injury, damage or loss arising out of any engagement or participation

Prior to acting on any advice, recommendation or guidance, always always speak with your own trusted professional or service provider

Guest Presenters, Speakers

Rainbow Families provides programs that often include the services of presenters, speakers and facilitators.  They offer their own lived and professional experiences and are speaking independently.  Their opinions, beliefs or recommendations may not represent the views of Rainbow Families.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Rainbow Families cares about privacy.  Your data will never be sold

All employees and Board Members pass background checks, plus agree to confidentiality standards

You may opt out of email communications from Rainbow Families at any time by clicking the opt out button on any electronic correspondence, or emailing us with the subject “Opt Out”

Member-Only Directory:  Members are automatically added this directory and may opt out at any time by logging in and managing your settings


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