Terms & Conditions

Rainbow Families DC (“Rainbow Families”) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Rainbow Families DC:   Terms and Conditions

Rainbow Families DC:   Terms and Conditions 

Rainbow Families DC (“Rainbow Families”) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. By using our website or participating in any of our events, programs, courses or activities, you are agreeing to all of the following Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to an agreement to arbitrate any and all disputes of any nature that you may have with Rainbow Families, and to the limitations of liability set out below. These Terms and Conditions are essential to our ability to operate given our small size and reliance on volunteers, and we thank you for your understanding.

Media Release

You allow Rainbow Families and its staff and volunteers to use or release, without compensation to you, any photograph, video, voice recording, or other media representations of you and/or your child(ren) taken at Rainbow Families events or programs (or that have been submitted to us or posted/tagged on social media) (“Media”).

Rainbow Families may use Media in any manner, including without limitation in its publications, press coverage, promotional materials, and/or website.  

Liability Waiver & Hold Harmless Agreement

Rainbow Families disclaims all liability of any nature whatsoever arising out of or associated with Participating/engaging in any Rainbow Families DC -related, hosted, or sponsored events, classes, retreats, programs or activities of any kind (herein referred to as “Programs”) to the fullest extent permissible under Washington D.C. law, including but not limited to liability for negligence by Rainbow Families and/or its staff, board, representatives, officers, volunteers, or sponsors. All participants in Rainbow Families hereby waive any claims they, their and/or guests, family members, and/or minor child(ren)/wards (herein referred to as “family”) have or may have relating in any way to for participation in any such Program, including all claims for injuries, damages or other losses you, or your family might sustain arising out of such involvement.  Further, all participants in Programs agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Rainbow Families and/or its staff, board, representatives, officers, volunteers, sponsors for any claims of injury, damage, or loss or otherwise arising out of or relating in any way to any engagement or participation in any Rainbow Families Program.  Participants must assume all risk associated with any Program they participate in, including but not limited to risks associated with COVID

Emails and Text Messages: 

If you have provided your email and/or cell #, you consent to very occasional messages from us with updates, important news, etc. of value to the LGBTQ+ family community.    You may unsubscribe at any time by emailing support@rainbowfamilies.org    We promise not to spam you though.

Presenters, Speakers, Facilitators

Rainbow Families provides Programs that often include the services of presenters, speakers and facilitators, as well as information provided by Rainbow Families representatives.  They offer their own lived and professional experiences and are speaking independently.  Their opinions, beliefs or recommendations may not represent the views of Rainbow Families.  Prior to acting on any advice, recommendation or guidance provided, always speak with your own trusted professionals or service providers. Rainbow Families cannot be held liable for the content of any Program, and participants in Programs acknowledge and agree that they will not rely on the content of Rainbow Families Programs but rather will conduct their own research in making decisions about their and their families’ best interests.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Rainbow Families cares about and endeavors to protect the privacy of individuals who participate in its Programs, however Rainbow Families cannot be held liable for any claims relating to privacy.   You may opt out of email communications from Rainbow Families at any time by clicking the opt out button on any electronic correspondence or emailing us with the subject “Opt Out.”  You understand and consent to Rainbow Families’ use of cookies in connection with its website.  

Member-Only Directory

Members are automatically added to a directory and may adjust privacy settings, including opting out, at any time by logging in and managing your settings. 

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

All users of our website and participants in our Programs agree that (i) any disputes, claims or controversies of any nature whatsoever with Rainbow Families, whether sounding in contract, tort, statute or otherwise, will be governed by the laws of Washington D.C., without regard to any conflict of law provision that would result in application of the law of any other jurisdiction; (ii) any disputes, claims or controversies of any nature whatsoever, whether sounding in contract, tort, statute or otherwise, shall be resolved exclusively through binding, confidential arbitration before a single arbitrator, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect, in arbitration before the American Arbitration Association seated and conducted in Washington D.C; (iii) any arbitral award may be enforced in a court of competent jurisdiction; and (iv) participants shall indemnify and be liable for any legal or other costs Rainbow Families incurs to enforce these Terms and Conditions.  Participants expressly waive any right to trial before a jury.  


Rainbow Families reserves the right to have anyone removed from a Program for any reason we deem appropriate, including but not limited to racist, homophobic, hurtful, or false information or refusing to follow Rainbow Families guidelines.  This extends to social media content where we reserve the right to remove and block as we deem appropriate.


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