Select the membership level and associated benefits that best suit you, your family, or your organization

Family Membership

$33/Year with Auto-Renew
$35/Year without Auto-Renew

This is typically comprised of LGBTQ+ families (including parents, co-parents, guardians, caregivers, grandparents), children of LGBTQ-headed families, families with LGBTQ+ children, and prospective LGBTQ+ parents

This level entitles members to access our Member Directory, our Provider/Business Directory, and access to all member discounts and free programs & services

All are welcome to join at this level.    Maximum 3 adult family members, plus children

Individual Membership

$20/Year  Auto-Renew only

With the same benefits of a Family Membership, this offers individual adults a membership with a discount.  All membership benefits and eligibilities apply at this level

All are welcome to join at this level.   Maximum 1 adult, no children


$25/Year with Auto-Renew
$30/Year without Auto-Renew

This level is typically comprised of community members, service providers, educators, and teachers who are welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ+ families.

Ally/Supporter members may avail themselves to our Resource Directory, but do not have access to our Member Directory.  Ally/Supporter members are eligible for member discounts to most programs/events

All are welcome to join at this level.    Maximum 2 adult family members, no children

Corporate Membership –  $300/year 

We have a variety of programs for businesses and service providers to engage, advertise and collaborate with Rainbow Families – at a variety of price points.    Contact our Executive Director or Board President for additional details

This Corporate Membership level is an excellent entry towards receiving recognition for your organization’s stance on equality, inclusion, and recognition for LGBTQ+ families & prospective parents, and allies.   For this level, Rainbow Families needs to be assured of alignment with the values and mission of Rainbow Families.

Maximum 1 primary member, no children

Lifetime Membership – $500 One-Time

With this level of support, Lifetime Members help ensure Rainbow Families’ mission can continue.   Over the years, many have selected this extremely important membership option, for which we are especially grateful.

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Please note: Rainbow Families, including staff, volunteers, members and guests, take photos at events/programs. These photos are often shared on the Rainbow Families website and/or social media sites. If photos are being taken, and you’d prefer not to be included, please indicate so at that time. If a photo of you or your minor child(ren) appears on a Rainbow Families product/sites that you would like removed, please email us. We do not take photos at support group sessions without express permission. Rainbow Families has no control over other members/guests/media who take and share photos during events/programs.
Please see our privacy policies on the Rainbow Families home page. Thank you.

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