Select the membership level and associated benefits that best suit you, your family, or your organization

Family Membership

$33/Year with Auto-Renew
$35/Year without Auto-Renew

This is typically comprised of LGBTQ+ families (including parents, co-parents, guardians, caregivers, grandparents), children of LGBTQ-headed families, families with LGBTQ+ children, and prospective LGBTQ+ parents

This level entitles members to access our Member Directory, our Provider/Business Directory, and access to all member discounts and free programs & services

All are welcome to join at this level.    Maximum 3 adult family members, plus children

Individual Membership


Corporate Membership –  $300/year 

Executive Director or Board President for additional details

Lifetime Membership – $500 One-Time

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Please note: Rainbow Families, including staff, volunteers, members and guests, take photos at events/programs. These photos are often shared on the Rainbow Families website and/or social media sites. If photos are being taken, and you’d prefer not to be included, please indicate so at that time. If a photo of you or your minor child(ren) appears on a Rainbow Families product/sites that you would like removed, please email us. We do not take photos at support group sessions without express permission. Rainbow Families has no control over other members/guests/media who take and share photos during events/programs.
Please see our privacy policies on the Rainbow Families home page. Thank you.

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