A Variety of Ways to Contribute

Since the 1980s, Rainbow Families has connected, supported and educated LGBTQ parents, prospective parents and LGBTQ families by providing educational programs, social events, and discussion forums

Your support is what drives our efforts, strengthens our organization, and makes possible the successes we achieve on behalf of our community

As a small (but mighty!) grass-roots non profit, your investment is crucial in ensuring we are here to support, connect, and empower our community

Explore the many ways individuals, businesses and foundations can support LGBTQ+ family inclusion through Rainbow Families

Individual Donations

Rainbow Families’ educational programs, events and support programs cannot happen without you.  Individual donations, large & small, are the lifeline for small, hardworking nonprofit organizations such as Rainbow Families and help ensure we are here to serve for years to come

Rainbow Families donations are tax deductible as allowed by law; please consult your tax adviser

Thank you

Become a Monthly Sustainer

Your Monthly Donation Has Significant, Direct Impact in Supporting LGBTQ+ Families & Prospective Parents
      • $15 per month helps us purchase supplies, books, and educational items
      • $35 per month will pay membership fees for 12 families with financial need

Levels at $50 per month or greater, earn a Lifetime Membership in Rainbow Families:

      • $50 per month provides much-needed financial assistance for people to attend our Conference, Maybe Baby or other programs – who might otherwise not be able to attend

Additionally, these levels of support, our Sustaining Heroes,  receive special appreciation on our homepage:

      • $75 per month can help cover the cost to facilitate & manage one of our support groups
      • $100 per month covers the cost of managing the Rainbow Families website for 6 months; or the costs needed to promote our services to the community for 3 months
      • $200 per month or larger –  Here patrons receive extra recognition throughout the year for their generous support

Easily set up monthly donation cycles here or email our Executive Director to discuss in more detail.  Thank you.  It is only through your financial support that we can do this vital work in our community.

Rainbow Families’ Annual Family Conference

A celebrated tradition since 2003

Rainbow Families’ Annual Family Conference is the largest gathering of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) headed family community in the region, drawing hundreds of families each year.  Our Conference provides a full day of workshops, inspiring speakers, awards/giveaways, and more.  Our carefully structured workshop sessions allow LGBTQ+ families (and those considering family planning) to not only learn more about the topics that matter to them, but also to build on their own community of support.   Unlike other massive conferences, attendees and sponsors appreciate our ‘mid-size’ scale which allows for more personalized connections and relationship building

Businesses may become involved at a variety of levels, with varying returns at each level.   Sponsors can also opt to participate in our Resource Fair, as well as submit consideration to present a workshop, to connect even more personally and directly with attendees.  We honor our Sponsors with significant ROI, introductions to new potential customers, and the ability to be recognized throughout the year

In 2020, our conference was held as a virtual program, and thankfully saw our greatest attendance ever – even drawing attendees from across the United States.   As such, our 2021 conference will be held virtually as well

Corporate Sponsorship

Aside from sponsorship of our Annual Family Conference, we have a variety of opportunities for leading businesses to show support of equality and inclusion for LGBT families.   Our combined channels reach up to 10,000 every month, our membership and engagement has grown solidly each month since 2017, and we offer several ways to reach the LGBT family market, a very loyal segment

Please, reach out to Darren Vance, Executive Director, to discuss how Rainbow Families can showcase your business or service

Rainbow Families is long recognized as a trusted, vetted nonprofit offering important services to the community

Gifts in support of Rainbow Families are accepted and managed by the Rainbow Families Board of Directors. Rainbow Families is a non-profit 501c(3) organization.  Rainbow Families assures careful stewardship of all gifts.  Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax adviser.

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