Looking for a Creative, Fun Activity for You and Your Children (and/or Spouse, Partner, Dog, Cat, BFF, In-Laws…) ?

Search no Further!

This is your chance to become a Rainbow Families STAR!

(We’ll have the limo waiting for you around back)

Take a quick, informal, easy video from your phone – Say HELLO to other Rainbow Families members, share what this community means to you, showcase your kid’s latest musical achievement, whatever inspires you!   Then, email the file to us (with a note saying we have permission to post/share).  This can be as a private Youtube link, or some other .mp4 file.   And we’ll be in touch for the next steps!


  • Keep it Casual – Don’t Stress About It! Have Fun!
  • Introduce Yourselves! Think About Including Things Like:
    • Where you live
    • How you came to Rainbow Families
    • How you’re managing through the quarantine, favorite hobbies, new discoveries (baking! An allergy to math!)
  • Upload it to YOUTUBE (or send a google link) and email the link!
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